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Hovercraft Rides                           
  3 Laps---£20-00,  5 Laps---£30-00                             
Our Flo-ridaz company sign is not big enough!
Single and groups, Hovercrafting Driving Experience 
 5 laps-- £30.00 per person
 8 laps-- £45.00 per person
 half hour hire-- £65-00 per craft
 half hour x2 craft -- £100
 45 minutes-- £80 per craft
 1 hour hire  --   £100-00 per craft
eg. two craft for 1 hour = £200-00. 
All sessions include safety and training briefings, ie. half hour + briefing takes 45/60 minutes approx.
 Gift Vouchers are now available for purchase from the site at Memorial Farm or we can post them to you .If you have purchased a voucher please call to book before you travel.
We do not have the facilities to take payments by credit or debit cards 

Hovercraft rides
If you are aged 4 and over, Flo-ridaz provides rides with up to two passengers able to go in the Marlin, max load 20st.
Hovercraft Driving
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Neil and jake at Flo Ridaz
Sunny days @ Flo-ridaz
The craft are ideally used by one person at a time as  weight in the craft is a crucial factor, too little and it doesn't steer quite so well, too much and it doesn't lift so well. For the youngsters to drive they may well need an adult to sit in the craft with them. This is totally different to any other type of driving you will have experienced. Even the biggest of petrol heads will find this more of a challenge than they first thought. Some of you may take longer than others to get to grips with the techniques needed to drive our craft , but you will enjoy it all the same.

Drivers must show respect for the activity and the craft at all times.But if they are deemed not to be doing so,they may be requested to stop the activity for their safety and of others, plus the safety of the hovercraft.
The course is half a mile per lap.
Flo-ridaz Track at Rougham Airfield

AVAILABLE DAILY UNLESS WEATHER CONDITIONS DICTATE OTHERWISE.        (high winds make the activity dangerous,  Heavy rain makes it unbearable to drive)
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