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driver mistakes

I am afraid to announce that flo-ridaz has had its 100th different faller from their craft.
This has taken 3 years , being on 99 for the last 8 weeks , we had the RAT BIKE CLUB hire the craft for 4 and a half hours with Pete being the magic number fallout.
Already after today 25/5/14 we have already had no101. In all this time we have not had one injury, despite all fallouts apart from 1 being down to driver error. Good luck everyone!


Christmas Openings
We are closed on the 25th  dec and the 1st of Jan. Any other day is open for people who have pre-booked a session. If no sessions are booked the site will be closed. Happy Christmas from Flo-ridaz Hovercraft

Good fun all year

Still ticking over even though the temperatures have cooled down, conditions are improved when  wetter and cooler. Driving a hovercraft , you will experience the feeling of the fastest 30mph ever,  always within 2 seconds from exiting the course, being right on the edge all the time, which makes this experience so much fun , for all those brave enough to give it a try!
           Vouchers now available!!

Christmas times

We are open over christmas apart from a few obvious days, but may not be open all day if not busy so please call to book in advance.
Merry Christmas

Price rise/ reason

    Prices i am afraid have had to be raised again with wear and tear, petrol and damage being the cause. Sorry but its always the same with a few people not listening to instructions properly. We have had a few group sessions who have hired both craft, with drivers advised that overtaking is not allowed even if the other hovercraft has stopped, as it is just too dangerous for the drivers and craft. The only result of this is normally damage and or injury, luckily only damage so far, but as a result higher prices.

Summer? 2012

      We have redesigned the track layout so its now longer and more challenging , but now nobody falls out of the craft, unless they are really silly and really terrible at steering. The course is now fully matured with all the run off areas covered in tall grass, which stops the crafts very quickly helping to avoid any mishaps. There is an ariel shot of the track on the site , but it doesnt do the track justice as you cant see the contours of the land that make our course as good as it is.


We have entered into a promotion with groupon, which proved very popular. For all those people who bought through groupon the closing date stated by them is 16th May. This may prove impossible for us to fit everybody in, so if you wish to visit us after this date, we will need to redeem your voucher before the closing date or the codes will become invalid.(with groupon keeping all the money)
Ihope this has proved helpful and keeps everybody happy.   

Chill out.

Well at last, we have had some wet weather, and with the temperatures dropping the course is now all nice and slippery. A couple of bookings we had this week had the best conditions yet and really enjoyed sliding sideways at 35+mph , and even suceeded in the reverse parking.
Try the experience I know its a bit cooler than it has been and add in the air flow it gets even chillier but dont let this put you off, a couple extra layers, gloves and a scarf, your normal winter wear, and it wont be that bad especially when the adrenlin kicks in and you remember that you havent got any brakes.

Dry patch

Where is the rain?
  I know the weather has been fantastic of late and i love it personally, but its just too dry on the course at the moment with eveybody and everything going home covered in a layer of dust, its more like Aladdins carpet than hovercrafting. Just a little rain at night would suffice. For Hovercrafting its a case of the wetter the better, but obviously this will come.
At the moment the business is just about surviving so we do need supporting through the winter by as many people as possible.

Winter is on the way

Yes it always happens... Summer is over.
That doesnt mean we have to go into hibernation till spring, all we have to do is wrap up a little bit. The conditions that come this time of year,apart from strong winds , being damp wet and slippery underfoot make the pastime of hovercrafting even more fun for those who brave the lower temperatures. Yes the days are shorter and the kids have gone back to school but flo-ridaz will be open throughout the winter and the next holiday will soon be here, so please keep supporting us throughout the year.

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driver mistakes
Good fun all year
Christmas times
Price rise/ reason
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