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From time to time everyone of us have to listen and learn from some one else, unfortunately not every body does this and thinks they know better. During most lessons drivers are instructed not to go too fast especially on their first go or goes, but a lot of the drivers are not taking this on board and are then finding themselves out of control. This only results in damage to the craft and the craft are fragile due to being made out of fibre glass.Too much damage will result in the loss of a craft thus making the business untenable .


 Yes.... The airshow was a great sucess with many people visiting our stand and seeing what we do. We are getting quite a few visitors at the moment and its quite nerve racking driving in front of other people. We are now back to our full size track and still drivers cant keep the hovercraft within the boundaries of our site , you must listen when we tell you to slow down... o-oh too late again. Hope to see you  over the forth coming weekend, and after the rain it will be nice and slippery, ideal conditions.

Important news

Due to the airshow this weekend flo-ridaz main course will be closed friday saturday and sunday but there will be a small track for the little ones to enjoy a spin in the hovercraft. Sorry to all those adults out there who will be disappointed. 

New Home

We have settled into Rougham nicely now on the site next to the cash n carry, this being a longer wider course for people to learn to drive the craft. Many people think the faster you go the better you are, but this is not true on a hovercraft. When you have truly mastered the skills needed you can make the craft dance to your tune and not you to its. Its more about floating and gliding than speeding and racing..
Interst has been good since the move and i hope it continues to rise towards the winter months when we will of course have to wrap up a bit but the conditions will suit the activity perfectly.


AH, the summer holidays are upon us and after four days the kids dont know what to do, but this year you can bring them to us on the way to town or on the way back , if they have behaved them selves, so just for you we will open every day of the summer holidays from 11 in the morning till 9.00 at night so hopefully the children wont be bored this year! and mum or dad will be nice and relaxed!! 


Just a quick update on our move, due to timing problems Flo-ridaz will not open until 10 am on Sunday 17th July. We hope this move turns out to be the best thing that could happen to flo-ridaz and its customers. See you on Sunday!

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